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Looking for a reliable online pharmacy? Check out our online pharmacy reviews to see what best pharmacies have to offer or check out our top list with the pharmacies in the UK, here below!

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Online pharmacies can help consumers to save a lot of money because buying meds online is much cheaper than in your local pharmacy. Shopping online is on the rise, and unfortunately, there is an unlimited number of rogue pharmacies that are selling fake drugs and other insecure medical products.

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That is why for you as a consumer it is important to stay safe and buy prescription drugs only from accredited online pharmacies! These online pharmacies can provide you with cheaper prices and genuine products. Information on this page can help you stay safe and save your money!

Before listing online pharmacy on our site, our expert team evaluate, monitor and verify online pharmacies in order to protect your safety and health!

Here you can compare prices of drugs with prescription among listed reliable UK online pharmacies that meet high safety standards and offer very low prices of drugs. Our main task is to make it easier for the consumer to decide what is best for their health and economy.

Advantages and risks of using online pharmacy services

Buying drugs at online pharmacies can save your money, time and provide other benefits. However, if you are not careful and buy online without proper precaution, you can be exposed to serious risks.

You need to know how to recognize reliable and safe pharmacy from the rogue one. If you suspect that an online pharmacy is selling fake meds and services you can report rouge pharmacy here, or you can get in touch with GetuUpBuddy. We are always here to help you!


  • Much lower prices: Consumers can save up to 90% when shopping for medicines online. In some countries are drug prices lower, much lower overhead costs compared to your local pharmacy, and a lot of discount offers can results in savings compared to brick and mortar pharmacies.
  • Useful medical information: Many online pharmacies offer useful medical information about diseases and drugs. Also, you can find links to official medical resources like health associations, government agencies and universities. Many pharmacies offer online doctor consultation that can be very helpful.
  • Privacy: Due to concerns about privacy, understandably a lot of people feel more comfortable buying medications online. In this century is absolutely normal and common to talk with your doctor about prescription and health online or over the phone. A lot of people when buying for example potency pills feel embarrassed going into the local pharmacy and buying it.
  • Saving your time: Consumers can save their time by ordering medication online. In cases where it is physically difficult to visit the pharmacy, for people that live far from cities or simply can’t make it to the pharmacy due to a busy schedule there is a solution. Online pharmacies are sending medication to your address, and at some online pharmacies you set up the time and day when you want to get your order.


  • Dispense of medicines without licenses: Properly inspected pharmacies that are licensed and regulated require oversight of licensed pharmacist and safe dispensing practices. Buying medication from not licensed online pharmacy cab put you on risk of purchasing adulterated, substandard or counterfeit products. GetUpBuddy evaluates all pharmacies and only list those that meet our stringent safety and security requirements.
  • Some online pharmacies do not safeguard your health condition: If you purchase medication without prescription they can be dangerous for your health. It could make harm you seriously and kill you! GetUpBuddy only list accredited pharmacies that require a prescription.
  • Your personal information is not protected: Reliable online pharmacies always share their privacy policy where they promise that your info will be not shared with the third parties. Banking transaction should be secured through SSL encryption technology. All pharmacies listed here are verified and we have ensured that your privacy is protected and that the transaction is secured.
  • Anonymus sites: Online pharmacies that do not have a list of the phone number, address or even worse they publish fake information are probably the type of fake pharmacies that will send you adulterated, substandard and counterfeit products or will not send anything at all. All the listed pharmacies on our site have been checked and tested, which is why you have nothing to worry about.

Reliable online pharmacies

In order to provide consumers with safe, licensed and reliable pharmacies from the Internet, before listing certain pharmacy on our website we operate our verification process.

Only online pharmacies that meet high standards of practice are eligible for listing at our site:

  • All prescriptions orders must be dispensed by only licensed pharmacies
  • Valid prescriptions
  • The website needs to meet security requirements
  • The customer privacy policy must be published on website
  • Contact information for customer service
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Pharmacy location disclosure to customer prior to buying

All pharmacies recommended by GetUpBudy are linked to Trustpilot where we can see all their customer reviews and submit our own.

The quickest way to determine the reliable online pharmacy is to go for the check for its validity seal. Moreover, also check out whether it is recognized by the trusted bodies as well as does it have the registered trademark or not?

After going through the proper run for the legit online pharmacy try to stick to it to order your medicines.

The online selling and buying world is so much dense and diverse that often you do not have any idea that whether you are falling in the pits of the fraudulent.

Online Doctor Consultation at UK Pharmacies

Being your own doctor may sometimes be good but not all the time. No matter you are a regular prescription, or you know what kind of medicine should be taken in a particular condition, but online doctor consultation is the wisest move above all.

While going with the online doctor consultation, you need to provide accurate details to the doctor so that the prescription that the doctor may give would be safe.

The great thing is there is a lot of reliable online doctor consultation services available to UK customers.


Online doctor consultation →

How it works?

All in all, the following are the steps that you have to follow in order to start your online consultation and get proper medical advice after you talk to a doctor online:

how to consult online doctor step 1 and 2

1. Book your slot: By clicking on online doctor consultation you will be redirected at online pharmacy where you can book your slot. Online doctors are avliable from 9:30 am to 4:30pm

2. Answer a couple of question: You need to provide all the information honestly so that the right treatment should be carried out to you by the licensed UK online doctor.

how to consult online doctor step 3 and 4

3. Online doctor consultation: You will get in contact with a medical expert via video call 1:1 and got medical advice. You can discuss with the online doctor about your health condition and the problems you have.

4. Get treated: Online doctor at pharmacy will consult you and recommend treatment that is best for you or if your health condition is delicate he will refer you to the specialist in your community that will help you.

how to consult online doctor step 5 and 6

5. Prescription delivery: If the online doctor reccomend you medicine, it will be shiped to you buy nex-day courier.

6. Local pharmacy: You can choose between your address or your local pharmacy for shipping the medication.

Free doctor consultation?

Most of the online pharmacies also provide free online doctor consultation for minor diseases. For complicated issues, the online pharmacies may either recommend you to visit your doctor personally or may ask you to email them your medical reports.

Many trusted online pharmacy websites also provide the free chat option where the customers can have a quick chat with the representative for any medical information or issue.

Free online doctor features:

  • Consists of doctors, pharmacists and nutritionist who can provide you with individualized advice on different health issues
  • Valid and legal medication prescription shipping on your address
  • Live chat and video doctor consulting for the free and scheduled time
  • Examine and opinion at your medical result that is issued by a third party

UK Meds at Pharmacy Online

Online pharmacies have a much smaller range of products than physical pharmacies. On the Internet, you only sell medicines that are considered “embarrassing products” so that you can order them completely anonymously.


The pharmacies we recommend have a couple of 100 different products.

Some of these are:

  • Premature ejucalation meds
  • Hair loss meds
  • Erystile dysfunction meds
  • Hair removal meds
  • Chlamydia meds
  • Hemorrhoids meds
  • Asthma meds
  • Weight Loss meds
  • Travel meds
  • Acne meds

Pharmacy online prescription

If you have no time to visit your doctor, then the pharmacy online prescription is another easy way to go round. You will find several fully licensed online pharmacies that help you get the suitable medicine for you concerning your disease.

Such pharmacies have the certified practitioners sitting at their desks who run a proper analysis for the conditions of the patients and they always try to keep their customers on the safe side by advising them with the reliable medical treatment. At these pharmacies you can buy:

  • Medications with prescription
  • No-prescription medications

Meds with prescription

The prescription meds are specified because without the proper consultation these may turn out harmful and even lethal for the use’rs.

Such medicines are considered illegal to be used for if they are purchased and sold without a prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

At recommended online pharmacies here, customers from the UK can order medication with prescription in a few easy steps.

Following are some of the meds that could easily be found at the online pharmacy UK with a prescription issued by the online doctor.


Potency pills with prescription online

Viagra on prescription: Viagra is the most popular potency pill known by men around the world. It comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosage. Click here to buy viagra online with a prescription issued by an online doctor in no time and get your potency pills the next day. Also here you can found all info related to the Viagra pills like side effects, dosage, effects and when to and when not to take it.

Tadalafil on prescription: It comes with the brand name of Cialis and is used to treat the impotence in males. It comes in Tadalafil tablets with 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. If you order via our recommended pharmacies after a short online examination, the online doctor in the UK will prescribe tadalafil tablets with the appropriate dosage that suits you.

Sildenafil on prescription: These tablets are alternative medicine that is used to cure the impotence in men and its alternative brand name is Viagra. You can find it easily here at recommended online pharmacies with a prescription from a trusted medical practitioner. Sildenafil tablets can be found in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosage that is available to customers from the UK.

Spedra on prescription: Tablets are manufactured in 50mg, 100mg and 200 mg dosage and can be purchased here via online pharmacies that we recommend. Here at you can read full Spedra reviews and find info like price, where to buy, side effects, using with alcohol, dosage and much other info that you should know. Also, you can see cons and pros versus other potency pills like Viagra, Cialis, Sildenafil and others.

Cialis on prescription: If you want to have a long effect like up to 36 hours after consuming potency tablet then you should buy Cialis tablets. It can be bought online with a legal prescription issued by a licensed UK doctor. On our site, we have also provided you with Cialis online information like side effects, when to take Cialis and when to take viagra and much other stuff that you should know.

how to buy meds with prescription at uk online pharmacies
After you visit online pharmacy ,just type your medication or condition and proceed further

Important: Above we have listed some of the most popular meds issued with prescription by online pharmacies on our site, but customers can also order meds for general health like the ones for treating:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Influenza
  • Stop smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Skincare
  • Travel medicine
  • Emergency-contraception pills
  • Period delay pills

Non-prescription meds

Apart from the prescription medicines, there are the non-prescription medicines that are also known as ‘Over-the-counter’ (OTC) drugs that do not require the official prescription rather are sold directly to the consumers.

Most of the online pharmacies in the UK sell the non-prescription medicines, that include the drugs for minor ailments including:

  • antihistamine pills
  • liquids for allergy
  • zinc supplements to cure cold
  • sore throat as well as coughs
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • meds for pains these include nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs

The non-prescription medicines are usually for curing minor diseases and are mostly kept by everyone at home.

Free delivery pharmacy online in the UK

In order to provide consumers with safe, licensed and reliable pharmacies from the Internet, before listing certain pharmacy on our website we operate our verification process. Only online pharmacies that meet high standards of practice are eligible for listing at our site.

Before adding pharmacy on our site we check the following qualifications to determine eligibility listing:

Yes, all meds that you order via online pharmacies that we have listed at our site offer free delivery for UK.

These pharmacies in UK have made contracts with the courier companies for the free delivery of their products to their customer’s doorsteps.


Overview of pharmaceutical regulation in UK

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Online seal for registered pharmacies

All drug that is sold in the United Kingdom is regulated by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) and the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). To drug can be sold and shipped throughout the EU they first must be approved by EMEA. EMEA is an agency that verifies the safety of new products for Europe.

General Pharmaceutical Council on national level registers all pharmacies and pharmacist in the UK. They ensure that pharmacies need to be operated by a licensed pharmacist and to maintain the sanitary dispensing area and safe storage conditions.

For its registered pharmacies, General Pharmaceutical Council issues an online seal so they can place it on their sites. With that seal, you can recognize easy if the online pharmacy is regulated.

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