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Spedra tablets are medication used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The main ingredient in Spedra is Avanafil, and it belongs to a group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. Spedra which treats erectile dysfunction is available for purchase online in various dosages including 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg.

Here you can read our full Spedra review with all info and buy Spedra online along with a prescription issued by a licensed doctor from the UK.

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What is Spedra?

Spedra is a commercial name for a drug with Avanafil as active substance and it is commonly used by men in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It was discovered in 2013 by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma.

Chemical structure of Spedra.
Spedra structure

It belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors (Phosphodiesterase type 5), that help men with erectile dysfunction (impotence) to more easily get and maintain an erection before and during sexual intercourse.

It can be found in the form of 50mg, 100mg and 200mg tablets.

Spedra will not work if you are not sexually stimulated. Other drugs in this class are Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Viagra (Sildenafil).

Who should not use Spedra?

Before using Spedra consumer should pay attention because in some cases it can be dangerous to use these meds.

Do not use Spedra:

  • If you are using Nitrate medicines for Angina like for example glyceryl trinitrate or amyl nitrite
  • If you are using fungal infections like voriconazole, itraconazole or ketoconazole
  • If you are using any antibiotics for bacterial infections( telithromycin or clarithromycin)
  • If you have HIV or AIDS and using meds like atazanavir, nelfinavir, saquinavir, ritonavir or indinavir
  • If you suffer from serious cardiac, liver or kidney problems
  • If you have high or low blood pressure that is not controlled by any medicines
  • If you had a heart attack or stroke in the last six month If you have chest pain during sex
  • If you suffer from a disease called “non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy” ( loss of vision in the eye because of lack blood circulation to your eye), or any eye problems like “retinitis pegmintosa”
  • If you have high blood pressure in the lungs and using meds like riociguat

Who can buy Spedra?

Spedra tablets are recommended for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Only 18+ men are allowed to buy Spedra!

Where to buy Spedra online?

Spedra in original package.

Where to buy Spedra is a common question, and if you are curious our Spedra review will give you answer to that question. At our website, we recommend only legal UK pharmacies where you can buy Spedra online, 100% legally with a valid EU prescription issued by a licensed doctor.

There is a lot of options on the internet where you can buy Spedra or other potency pills, but in most cases, these are rogue online pharmacies from India that selling fake and dangerous potency pills. Avoid sites like that and pay attention to always buy from reliable online pharmacies that can deliver you a genuine product.

How to buy Spedra online?

When buying Spedra online you do need to be cautious and use verified and certified pharmacies like these listed on our site. With just a few clicks, your legal and verified order will quickly be on your way.

Ordering your Spedra tablets will be easy with our explanation below. ↓

Few easy steps on how to buy Spedra:

Step1: To choose your Spedra tablets, click on the “start consultation” box above in this page, and after that, one of GetUpBuddy’s trusted online pharmacy websites will load. (See the image below.)

how to buy spedra step1

Step2: After you click on start consultation you will be redirected to the UK online pharmacy. Here you will need to choose your desired Spedra dosage( 50g, 100g, 200g) and confirming the package size. (See the image below.)

how to buy spedra step1

Step3: Now you will need to click on “Continue on Medical Questions” but first you will be asked to create an account easily and fast by providing your email and setting up a password with no verification needed. (See the image below.)

how to buy spedra step 3

Step4: In the fourth step, you will provide details about your location. After doing so, you can choose the country to which the order will be delivered. If you wish to have it delivered to your address, you can choose between: tracked and signed service, or nominated delivery day. If you wish to pick-up your drug more discretely, you can choose collection by UPS.

how to buy spedra step 4

Step5: You will need to fill your address info. It is also important to mention that, as these services are free, you will not be billed, while all orders are discretely packed, without mentions of any drug brands and labels, nor the contents of the package.

All the information you provide will be kept completely safe and private!

Step6: Medical Questinory has begun, you will need to answer 8 questions with yes/no. After that, if everything is ok and your health condition is suitable for taking Spedra you will be redirected to the payment process and your pills will be ready for shipping.

How to buy spedra payment options

Accepted banking methods are American Express UK, Mastercard, Visa and Maestro.

Is it legal?

As it has been previously mentioned throughout this article, GetUpBuddy uses trusted pharmacies, therefore anything you order is also legal, along with, of course, Spedra.

One thing that is important to mention is that most of this medication and this is also the case with Spedra, require a prescription from the doctor.

Luckily for many people out there, by ordering through online pharmacies that we recommend here along with your potency pills, you will also get a valid, 100% legal prescription, that is included in the price.

How an erection occurs?

To understand why you must first understand how an erection happens in a man.

How erection reflex works in men

By being sexually stimulated, the nervous system in the erectile tissue found in the penis of a man releases nitric oxide, which leads to the necessary release of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), whose purpose is to relax the smooth muscle cells.

If you are not sexually stimulated, no nitric oxide or cGMP will be released, which will not lead to a successful erection.

How does Spedra work?

Spedra works in a way that does not cause an erection on its own, this means that you have to be sexually aroused and stimulated in order for a medication to cause an erection-just as it would regularly occur on normal occasions.

What Spedra work here is that it inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme found in a variety of tissues in your body, helping maintain and regulate levels of cGMP in the smooth muscle, leading to a successful erection.

How long does Spedra last?

If you are wondering how much it takes to this potency pill start working and how long does it last, below we have provided your answers to these questions.

Here you can see how long Spedra last in 6 easy steps:

here you can see how long spedra last and how spedra work

Step1 – First responders: 12minutes after taking Spedra, in some studies, some men could achieve an erection. But that also depends are you taking a tablet on a full or empty stomach.

Step2 – Median time to erection: Average response time in one study was just under 30 minutes. Doctors recommend planning on waiting an hour or 60 minutes for full onset. In some cases, might not take that long.

Step3 – Maximum erection potential: After 60 minutes an oral dose of Spedra reaches its peak effect along with its maximum contestation in blood. That is why is always recommended to take it one hour before action( sexual activity).

Step4 – Half went: After 4 hours the effect of Spedra is half gone, but that doesn’t mean the ability to achieve an erection is over. If you are sexually stimulated you will be able to achieve and maintain an erection.

Step5 – It still works: After 10 hours in one study, men were able to achieve an erection at the same rate as they did 2-3 hours after taking Spedra. 12 hours after taking men with ED could still get an erection, but duration to maintain begun to decrease.

Step6: Effect has gone: All traces of Avanafil (Spedra) in the bloodstream after 24 hours are gone along with its boost to sexual performance. If you want to repeat the process you can take another one without danger to overdose.

Spedra side effects

As well as any other medication, Spedra has some side effects. In spite of the fact that even those side effects we call common, aren’t as common as you may think, they can still happen.

For this exact reason, it is important that you are well informed about possible outcomes, and that you always know what you may or may not expect to happen.

If you experience any of these side effects, whether they are mild or severe, please contact your doctor right away.

Common side effects of Spedra include:

  • headache
  • flushing
  • dizziness
  • nasal congestion
  • sleepiness or tiredness
  • back pain
  • indigestion
  • Influenza
  • Rhinopharyngitis
  • Insomnia
  • Premature ejaculation

Less common side effects include:

  • rash, wheezing
  • chest pain
  • priapism- an erection that will not go away
  • blurred vision
  • loss of vision
  • loss of hearing
  • nose bleeds

Appearance and form

Spedra tablets are compressed with an oval shape and have a pale yellow colour. Tablets have a number of grams embossed on one side (50, 100 or 200) depending on what box you buy.

Here we have listed all forms of tablets:

  • Spedra 50 mg tablet (box of 4 or 8 pre-cut packs of 1)
  • Spedra 100 mg tablet (box of 2, 4, 8 or 12 pre-cut packs of 1)
  • Spedra 200 mg tablet (box of 8 or 12 pre-cut packs of 1

Spedra alternatives

Researches have indicated that erectile dysfunction affects millions of men each year in the United Kingdom. If you add the number of men all around the globe that battle this problem, you end up with, sadly, quite a high number.

Here you can see all spedra alternatives

Luckily for these men suffering from erectile dysfunction, throughout the years, many drugs have been made for the sole purpose of treating this problem. This way, even if you find that a certain medication isn’t quite suitable for you, you can try out many alternatives.

Some of the drugs that, in the majority of cases, make a good substitute for Spedra include:

Spedra vs Viagra

Viagra can last up to 24h hours. It needs to be taken an hour before sexual activity and requires a prescription.

Spedra vs Cialis

Take Cialis 30 minutes before sex. It requires a prescription and can last up to 36 hours.

Spedra vs Lievitra

Levitra can last up to 4 hours. It is taken half an hour or an hour before sex and also requires a prescription.

Don’t buy cheap Spedra

Due to the fact that impotence drugs have become more and more popular over the years, with the rise of the needs towards such medication, many websites will offer cheap drugs, which are, in most cases, fake or generic versions.

Cheap drugs are not tested enough to have trustworthy by patients and can even harm your health.

 In order to avoid any possible health risks, stick to original drugs and avoid cheaper ones.

When you notices a specific pharmacy or a website offering discounts and drugs that are much cheaper than those on other pages, it is highly advised not to shop from them.

Reliable Spedra review

Our Spedra review contains all the important info about this potency pills and also we have listed best pharmacies where you can buy Spedra online with prescription.

Through the years, with the previously mentioned rise of impotence-suffering men, ordering and buying Spedra online, instead of shopping for them at the local pharmacy, has enabled many people to avoid the feeling of embarrassment or shame, and has also proven to have saved them a lot of time and money.

When shopping online, it is extremely important to stay safe and choose only certified pharmacies and certified, proven, legal medication.

Whether you had been prescribed with this potency pill, or think you will most likely find it suitable for your needs, be sure you are ordering the real, original Spedra, and not fake, cheap versions.

It is important to always read Spedra reviews and experience from other men who have tested this medication.

This is why you want to avoid buying from pharmacies that do not seem trustworthy or are uncertified and stick to legal pharmacies and legal medicine.

Frequently asked questions

How long does Spedra last?

Usually, consumers report that the effects of Spedra last from 12 minutes up to 24 hours hours.

How long does Spedra take to work?

Most men take Spedra 30 minutes before any sexual activity. If taken with food, it might take longer for effects to become noticeable.

How effective is Spedra?

Some studies have shown that Spedra results in significant improvement in erectile function in men. It has a very fast onset of up to 12 minutes after taking and compared with other PDE5 it is absorbed quickly reaching its maximum peak effect in about half an hour. For all three doses of Spedra (200mg, 100mg, and 50mg) during trials were observed statistically important improvements in all primary efficacy outcomes, but it is not recommended for everyone and it will not bee effective in all cases.

Who can prescribe Spedra?

Spedra in most countries is prescribed by the doctor, but at online pharmacies that we recommend, Spedra can be prescribed after short medical questionary and shipped to your address with a prescription.

How to use Spedra?

Spedra is available in three doses by 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. Use Spedra in the same way as it prescribed for you. You need to follow all directions on your prescription. In any way do not take this medicine in larger or smaller amounts. Store away from heat and moisture at room temperature.

When to take Spedra?

For best results take spedra one hour before sexual activity, but a study has shown that spedra in some men showed results 15 minutes after taking.

Can women take it?

It is not recommended for women and it will not show any effect. If you are women and searching for a medication that will raise your libido you should check out our Viagra for women guide.

Why are there different doses of Spedra?

Spedra comes in three different dosages: 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. At some men lower dose is effective. Some men may be taking other medicines that interact with, and they need to take a lower dose.

What dose of this medication is right for me?

After you finish your medical questionary the online doctor will decide which dosage is most appropriate for you. There are several factors that influence the amount of dosage including your age, your health conditions, the severity of your ED.

What is the composition of the drug Spedra?

Spedra active substance is Avanafil. Other excipients are Mannitol, Low substituted hyprolose, Magnesium, stearate, Fumaric acid, Iron oxide yellow, Hyprolose, Calcium carbonate.


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