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Erectile dysfunction is certainly not uncommon and can be easily treated in most cases. Though more common in older men, younger males can suffer as well. Those over 65 can blame age as the primary cause. Younger men under 40 are less likely to suffer impotence caused by physical problems.

An erection is a highly complex process involving hormones, emotions, blood vessels, and muscles. Any problems with just one of these can result in erectile dysfunction. Some physical causes may include clogged arteries, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Stress is also a big reason why many men suffer impotence. If left untreated it can have a major impact on relationships. ED can also cause fertility problems resulting in frustration at failed attempts to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, the more frustrated a man gets at not being able to get an erection, the worse it gets. The result is an unhappy relationship with the risk of divorce or separation.

Potency pills are an excellent solution, with benefits far outweighing any risks. The chance of being able to live a normal, happy sex life with your partner is something we all strive for. Finding a pill that works effectively can be life changing if you’ve suffered long term problems with erections.

Even if you’ve only experienced a few problems with erections, having pills to hand means you need never fear the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction, especially with a new relationship, or dating.

If you experience other worrying symptoms with erectile dysfunction though, you should always see your doctor as there may be serious health problems. A sudden onset of erectile dysfunction is usually caused by emotional upset such as a problem in the relationship, low self esteem, or trauma.

Erection problems that develop gradually and worsen over time are often more worrying. Clogged blood vessels don’t just suddenly happen, but are a result of years of high cholesterol and poor lifestyle.

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