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As much as most people assume that erectile dysfunction is common with aging men, younger men also suffer from this condition. No wonder the sale of sex-enhancing pills is on the rise.

However, since time immemorial, erectile dysfunction is common in older men. Several studies have shown that in some cases it starts as early as 40 years. 

Nonetheless, there are a few ways to avoid this condition. Some appear to be regular activities that most men ignore. According to a journal published by Harvard Health Publishing, the following natural ways can help you avoid erectile dysfunction:


A 30-minute walk daily has the potential to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 40 percent according to the study. If your health permits, you can include other exercises to your routine. More so other studies have also suggested that moderate exercise will improve the sexual ability of middle-aged obese men suffering from ED.

Balanced diet

If you eat a balanced diet that comprises more fruits, vegetables, and protein with fewer processed meat, your sexual performance will naturally improve. Apart from improving your sexual performance, eating these foods will improve your health generally. Avoid too much meat and sugary food.

Keep an eye on your vascular health

Health conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc. affect the arteries in your heart. In most cases, it may lead to a severe heart attack or a brain stroke.

If you must nip these health conditions in the bud, a regular visit to your doctor is highly advised. Apparently, it becomes inevitable if you are above 40 years. Your doctor would keep you updated about the condition of your vascular system.

This will help you keep in tune with any changes and the best medication will be proved as required. Don’t forget, the stability of your vascular systems determines your sexual performance. No wonder they say a healthy heart is equal to a healthy body. 

Body size

A trim waistline keeps you in tune for better sexual performance. Most men with a 42-inch waistline are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, men with a 32-inch waistline have a lower chance of suffering from ED.

If you lose weight and maintain the perfect body size, it will also improve your chances of avoiding ED. Excess fat increases the risk of ED. More so, findings have shown that obesity and diabetes are two major causes of erectile dysfunction. These health conditions affect several hormones in your body.

Move your muscles

The muscles referred to here are not necessarily your biceps. If you have a strong pelvic, you will most likely have a strong erection. Therefore, engage in exercise that will strengthen your pelvic.

For instance, the Kegel exercise is a good way to start. At least Kegel exercise twice daily will be helpful too. This exercise strengthens and builds your muscle for a better sex life.  

Factors that increase the possibility of ED

Certain lifestyles may also increase the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. In fact, if you avoid some of the lifestyles that can cause heart disease, you are unknowingly avoiding ED. Avoid the following lifestyle:

  • Smoking
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol
  • Overweight or obesity
  • High-stress levels
  • Lack of exercise
  • Consumption food with high cholesterol
  • Prolonged drug abuse

Other psychological factors that may cause erectile dysfunction are depression and anxiety. Also, prolonged cycling can cause ED too. 

Other health conditions that may increase your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction are hypertension and lower cholesterol. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, visit your doctor and find out if the medications have a high risk of causing erectile dysfunction. If that is the case, then your best bet is an alternative medication. 

Wrapping up

Recently, other factors that have contributed to the increase in men suffering from erectile dysfunction are the abuse of sex enhancement pills. Most young men who have no business taking these pills buy them without any medication. 

Let’s assume that they are supposed to take pills, most don’t revert to their physician before increasing their dosage. The reason for this is the influx of unlicensed online pharmacies. 

Finally, erectile dysfunction is not a death sentence. With the right medication and guidance from online pharmacies, you can enjoy your sex life. Similarly, if you incorporate some of the natural measures listed above, you will most likely remain sexually active all your life. 

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