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Buying drugs at online pharmacies UK can save your money, time and provide other benefits. However, if you are not careful and buy online without proper precaution, you can be exposed to serious risks.

You need to know how to recognize reliable and safe pharmacy from the rogue one. If you suspect that an online pharmacy is selling fake meds and services you can report rouge pharmacy here, or you can get in touch with GetuUpBuddy. We are always here to help you!


  • Much lower prices: Consumers can save up to 90% when shopping for medicines online. In some countries are drug prices lower, much lower overhead costs compared to your local pharmacy, and a lot of discount offers can results in savings compared to brick and mortar pharmacies.
  • Useful medical information: Many online pharmacies offer useful medical information about diseases and drugs. Also, you can find links to official medical resources like health associations, government agencies and universities. Many pharmacies offer online doctor consultation that can be very helpful.
  • Privacy: Due to concerns about privacy, understandably a lot of people feel more comfortable buying medications online. In this century is absolutely normal and common to talk with your doctor about prescription and health online or over the phone. A lot of people when buying for example potency pills feel embarrassed going into the local pharmacy and buying it.
  • Saving your time: Consumers can save their time by ordering medication online. In cases where it is physically difficult to visit the pharmacy, for people that live far from cities or simply can’t make it to the pharmacy due to a busy schedule there is a solution. Online pharmacies are sending medication to your address, and at some online pharmacies you set up the time and day when you want to get your order.


  • Dispense of medicines without licenses: Properly inspected pharmacies that are licensed and regulated require oversight of licensed pharmacist and safe dispensing practices. Buying medication from not licensed online pharmacy cab put you on risk of purchasing adulterated, substandard or counterfeit products. GetUpBuddy evaluates all pharmacies and only list those that meet our stringent safety and security requirements.
  • Some online pharmacies do not safeguard your health condition: If you purchase medication without prescription they can be dangerous for your health. It could make harm you seriously and kill you! GetUpBuddy only list accredited pharmacies that require a prescription.
  • Your personal information is not protected: Reliable online pharmacies always share their privacy policy where they promise that your info will be not shared with the third parties. Banking transaction should be secured through SSL encryption technology. All pharmacies listed here are verified and we have ensured that your privacy is protected and that the transaction is secured.
  • Anonymus sites: Online pharmacies that do not have a list of the phone number, address or even worse they publish fake information are probably the type of fake pharmacies that will send you adulterated, substandard and counterfeit products or will not send anything at all. All the listed pharmacies on our site have been checked and tested, which is why you have nothing to worry about.

Have a nice day!

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