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Are you worried that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction? Here are five basic signs that you should look out for.

Nonetheless, before we continue, suffering from erectile dysfunction is not the end of the world. They are various solutions.

Erectile dysfunction may be linked to some specific physical or psychological challenges. Studies have shown that most men have erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. It becomes worrisome when the problem persists over a long period.

Below are some of the signs that you should look out for;

#1. It is difficult to get an erection

If you start noticing that it takes too long to get an erection, then they must be a problem. This may happen once in a while but when the inability to get hard becomes frequent then it is a sign that you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

For instance, if you get an erection when you masturbate but not when you are with your partner, then the problem might be psychological. Then if the erection doesn’t come under either of the circumstances mentioned above, it is a physical issue.

#2. Inability to maintain an erection

This is completely different from the first sign. Here you get an erection during foreplay but after a few penetrations, your erection suddenly deflates. This is not the same as a quick ejaculation.

We are referring to a situation when you have not reached orgasm but your erection suddenly starts deflating. If this happens then, it means something is wrong with your penis. Bad news! Might just be a sign of erectile dysfunction.

#3. Unending erection

Whenever you start having a painful erection that last for too long even when you don’t want to have sex, there might be a problem somewhere. This erectile condition is known as “Priapism”.

This is caused by when too much blood flows into the penis without draining out. This condition may damage the tissues in your penis if it continues unattended too. You may end up not having an erection in the future.

#4. Curved or painful erection

Men often have various shapes of the penis. A curved penis is not a problem. Although it is not uncommon to have a curved penis, when the erection comes with pains, there might be a problem. This condition might be a sign of Peyronie’s disease. This is caused by scar tissues along the length of the penis.

This condition will gradually stop but when it persists, the bad news is that it may be a sign of erectile dysfunction.

#5. Quick ejaculation

If you start having premature ejaculation and don’t get an erection after a long time, it may be a sign of erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation in men is normal according to most research. It only becomes worrisome when it takes too long for the penis to get hard again.

Please note that psychological problems that affect erection may be connected to issues of the mind.

Some research has shown that frequent masturbation could psychologically affect your erection and sexual performance entirely. Although there is no concrete evidence to establish this fact, too much masturbation is not healthy.

As soon as you notice any of the signs listed above, visit your doctor immediately. They are a lot f useful potency meds that can help to this problem. They offer assistance to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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